Elevate your business with a premium branding

In our digital age your visual branding and website are extremely important, as they connect you to your dream customers.

Use it to your advantage...

As a creative professional, service based business or coach your online presence is the first point of contact with your customers.

That`s why it is vital to have a visual branding & website that shows your personality and builds trust in you and your expertise. Within just a few seconds the impression about you is formed. Will they work with you or leave again? Your brand should be designed with strategic insight to create that connection.

Let’s create a branding and website that makes your clients fall in love with you. 

Our process

Together we will find out what makes you and your business unique. Let`s dive deep and find your authentic voice and build your premium brand that sets you apart and attracts your dream clients.

Discover & Analyse

We start our process by getting to know you, your business and your branding. We analyze where you stand – are you seen as the expert that you are? What are your current problems? What makes you unique, what sets you apart? What are your values, who is your dream client, what is your offer. Apart from our strategy call, you will also get to do some homework.

Vision & Brandstrategy

In this step we will create a vision & a brand strategy for your dream business. We will analyze your homework and create a vision board. This will help us find the right design direction and make sure we are on the right path with your branding.

Design & Revisions

Now the exciting part begins and we dive deep into the designing your brand (and or your website). We develop a consistend brand design with different Logo variations, colors, fonts, brand elements and all that will make your branding special. We work together closely and I will ask you for honest feedback. With this we can make sure to make refinements to create the most perfect branding for you.

time to shine

We are ready to wrap up and I will send all your branding files, including a brand board. If we have created your website, we`ll have one last check that everything is perfect, before launching.


It`s your time to shine now, shine bright and present yourself as the expert you are.


And of course I will support you in the future, just in case you need us. 

At Nicnillas ink studio

we help experts be seen as experts. we love to work with creators, service based businesses, coaches and makers. We help you to become visible by creating unique brands that attract, connect and help you stand out.


I am Nicole

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