a new custom hand lettered logo in silver for Anna Mardo

New logo design for Photographer Anna Mardo

When Anna first approached me, she did so because she felt she wanted to revamp her brand. She had outgrown her old name „Schokoladenseiten“ and felt that her logo and website no longer represented her brand. Anna has evolved so much, has grown as a person and her style of work has also matured and changed, so that the old identity simply felt too small and outdated. And when you feel that your old look feels like it is holding you back, you might even cringe when looking at your own logo, you know it`s time to let go and move on.

When creating a new logo and branding you start out with the vision. You really want to focus on where you are going, concentrate on who you want to become as a person and business and create a new look with that in mind, rather than create for the business as it is at the moment. Free your mind and create a dream, a vision that makes you jump out of bed in the mornings, a vision of a business you are proud of.

The vision

This is what we concentrated on when we created the first Visionboard and concept for her new Logo and branding. We wanted to go with a more sophisticated, grown up look that would still feel natural and approachable. We wanted the new look to be confident with a romantic touch to it. Here is the mood board that I came up with for Anna.

mood and vision board for new branding for photographer Anna Mardo

Annas is working as a wedding photographer, so being very close to her customers, we wanted her own personality to shine through in her Logo, to give her brand a very personal and authentic feel. To create just that look and feel, we decided to go with a handmade logo design.

The new logo

So this is the new look I came up with. I totally love the silver, as it is so in line with the wedding side of Annas business. And at the same time the overall feel of the new logo is on the modern side and represents Anna`s fresh aproach to things.

a new custom hand lettered logo in silver for Anna Mardo Fotografie

And to stay true to her vision and values of being soft, loving, dreamy, jet have a odern touch, I picked colours that would communicate just that. A soft rose, a powdery grey and a silver.

The final brand board

Here is the final brand board that shows how all elements work together very harmoniously. I just love how grown up Anna`s new look is while at the same time still being very approachable. As of today Anna`s new website is live and well worth a visit…

The final brand board for Anna Marodes new logo and branding

If you’re looking to brand or rebrand your business and would love some help, just contact me.

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