Logodesign for Trauung mit Herz and Weddings by Silke

Logodesign, branding, Schriftzug, lettering, calligraphy, Kalligrafie, design, corporate design, corporate identity, small business branding, branding, Weddings by Silke, Trauung mit Herz, by Silke, Silke Hechler, Nicole Sprekelmann, Nicnillas Ink, modern calligraphy, moderne Kalligafie, Handlettering   I’m so happy to finally share this logo  for the lovely Silke Hechler. She has been running her business as wedding planner for quite a while before she decided to up her game and also become maid orator. This was the moment for her to feel the need for a new logo design, which would work as stand alone logo, but at the same time look great together.