Weddinginvitation with a floating wax seal

Weddinginvitation with a floating wax sealWhat you need to create an floating wax seal Wedding invitations are one of the most romantic things you will ever send out in your life, so you might as well make it special. In my little studio I have many customers, who are looking for this little something that will make their wedding invitation feel unique and special. And what could be prettier than to have your very own and unique wax seal created for you. A wax seal with your initials beautifully calligraphed, or your wedding logo or emblem. Or like in this case an illustrated olive twig for the Mallorca Wedding. Honestly, your guests will love opening an invitation closed with a wax seal.  


Gratitude – spark your inspiration

    How often do we go through life looking for the next big thing to make us happy? But deep down we all know that it`s often the little things that really move us and bring this sweet humming of happiness inside.


Sending some love

modern calligraphy, moderne kalligrafie, kalligrafie lernen, lettering, Handschrift, quote, illustration, branding, nicnillas ink, kaweco liliput kupfer copper, fountain pen, traveler`s notebook, midair, travelers factory, sending some love this christmas, brushlettering Winter has finally arrived, the world is frozen and magical, sunshine on glittering ice crystals. Christmas time has always been a special time to me. I love snow and walking in the cold, if we get lucky even sledging in the snow and iceskating on nearby ponds. Coming home, to a cozy warm kitchen, usually filled with the smell of freshly baked cookies, hot tea and fir tree. 

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