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How often do we go through life looking for the next big thing to make us happy? But deep down we all know that it`s often the little things that really move us and bring this sweet humming of happiness inside. And the best way to bring these small things and meaningful moments into your life is by being grateful, intentionally so. By being grateful for what you have you become deeply committed to treasure what you have and concentrate on all your good fortunes. Why not start your day with a gratitude journal? Fetch your journal and a cup of tea and find a comfortable place in your home. Close your eyes and think about wonderful things in your life. Maybe it`s the people in your life, the beautiful sunrise you just saw or the cherry blossoms in your garden that come to mind. Feeling the happiness and abundance, concentrating on the good vibes while making a little list of 3 to 5 things you are grateful for is a wonderful way to practice gratitude.

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