Logo design and Branding for photographer Björn Wessel

Logodesign and branding for Photographer Björn Wessel


Björn wanted a new design for his business that would really communicate his values and set him apart from all those other wedding photographers. We analyzed his style and realized that he was not the typical wedding photographer, all set in pastels, watercolor washes and flowers. Very far from it, actually. He defined himself as a gentleman though and through, usually wearing a suit and a bow tie when he was shooting a weddings. So we created a black and white design for the new branding around this manly feel.  The new design would be very reduced in color and just use black, white and gold. The feel we wanted to create was one of casual elegance.

Black and white branding board with a touch of gold

The branding uses clean fonts, a reduced color scheme and very distinct illustrative elements and patterns. This creates a look full of character, butt still feels nice and clean at the same time.

Brandingboard black and gold for photographer bjoern wessel

Branding with hand drawn pattern designs

Three different patterns were designed. Although the patterns use very strong lines, they still have a relaxed feel to them. The patterns can later be used to create pretty wrapping paper or other packaging designs to send out his packages to customers. At the same time they will be used to create Björn`s stationary, his business card and letterhead.

branding and pattern design for a photography business

custom pattern design of a small business branding

Custom Stationary to create a unique branding

It`s the little details that add loving touches to Björns new stationary design. His letterhead is clean with a transparent pattern on it. Taking it to the next level with black envelopes and pattern envelope liners. A wax seal and stickers with Björn`s submark  add the finishing touches to his outgoing mail.

Custom stationary to create a unique branding

Black business cards with cold foiling

We wanted Björn`s business cards to feel timeless but full of character. We wanted them to be a statement. To create that feel we went with an all black business card and gorgeous gold foiling. To keep the look clean and elegegant, the logo and contact  informations were put on the  front. The back is stunning with a gold foil custom pattern.  So very pretty.

Black business cards with gold foiling

stationary design with black business card and gold foiling

black business card with gold foil logo

A custom wax seal adds the finishing touches to Björn`s branding

Small details like the  golden wax seal add the finishing touches. To create this we used the submark with Björn`s bow tie as decorative element. In addition to the wax seal there ore stickers that are perfect for closing small presents and packets for customers.

To have a look at Björn`s wonderful work head over to bjoernwesselfotografie.de

custom wax seal for a small business branding

small business branding using custom wax seal

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